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Science, From the Layman’s Point of View

Written By: Ron Reimer - Feb• 16•12

Global Warming has been disproven; or at least a logical, counter-assumption (theory) was developed last week by two leading scientists who came out in opposition to global climate change. These men had been proponents of the global warming theory, until they decided to write a book about climate change deniers. http://notrickszone.com/2012/02/06/body-blow-to-german-global-warming-movement-major-media-outlets-unload-on-co2-lies/

Have we seen much about this in our media? This is a major piece of inconvenient news to the ” sky is falling crowd” (SIFC). Well, we have another example of “science” according to the SIFC crowd… Wetlands. Turns out, in 1972 the Army Corp placed a high value on certain types of wet areas that are highly unique. They are so unique that one needs more than a 2-day to 2-week course to understand them. However, when Whatcom County and the state of Washington came up with Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) , they looked at all the wet spots and arbitrarily decided they were “wetlands.” They came up with a crackpot definition loosely based on the Army Corps original findings and built ordinances that backed up their new definition. They then used the Army Corps to defend and justify their illegal behavior.

Now, the cat is out of the bag, and the curtain has been pulled back on the great and mighty Oz. Licensed hydro geologists are now taking the state and county to task. And, true to form, rather than admit they have been overzealous bureaucrats, the Department of Ecology (DOE) seek to justify the theft of property and the millions of dollars of cost to citizens, by last week trying to ram through a new voodoo hb1313. This would have created a new licensing board, set up to justify the politically correct version of wetlands. Thanks to quick efforts, this was defeated; however, the battle is not won. Statewide, this cat is refusing to go back into the bag. Everyday, community leaders and citizens are learning how this theft has been going on for 20 years. Stay tuned and better yet, get involved. Get some education as to how voodoo science has stolen and is continuing to be used to steal your civil rights. The big lie is the one that is not hidden. They are right out in the open. For 20 years, the environmental lie/ agenda-driven lie has grown. The good news is that today, they no longer have cover; they truly are out in the open. The challenge now is to find citizens who care about truth and freedom.

Let’s try a another lie: ” Our debt and economy are in so much trouble that the only way to get out of it is borrow a lot more money. ” The best lie is the one so preposterous one thinks it is so outrageous it can only be the truth, because no one can be stupid enough to say such a thing if it is not true.

All these lies and more will be discussed at the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) national banquet on march 11 th, in Tukwila Wa. It will be a Saturday evening function, with classes running throughout the day on Saturday. If you are frustrated with politics, you will love CAPR. We function at a grass-roots level. Our organization is filled with knowledge, passion, and a conviction to get our mission accomplished. Call me at 815-5914 or email us to get your ticket today!

More information on the CAPR annual banquet here: http://www.whatcomcountycapr.com/capr-annual-banquet/


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